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Today, most businesses use a website for web advertising but few are currently taking advantage of the use of video. Web video advertising can be a cost effective alternative to running a television ad. With a television ad you have to fit your ad within the constraints of the broadcast medium. The ad must be perfectly timed to X amount of seconds, content is subject to strict broadcast standards and you have to buy air time.

With web video advertising you can present exactly what you wish to convey to your audience without the constraints of time and broadcast technicalities. If you are in the business of marketing outside of a local area, web video advertising for most, is the only affordable option you have.

When we talk about web video advertising what we mean is, good web video advertising. If you look at the vast amount of video on the web you'll see very quickly the quality differences that are out there. At TBC STUDIOS we understand that whatever you are promoting will be judged by the quality that the people see and hear. When creating video for web advertising, the video being produced must originally be of very high quality.

People always ask me, "When I watch movie trailers on the web, how come they always look so good?" Well, there is a reason for this; Hollywood starts with extremely high quality production. Once the production is completed, the video footage is streamed over the web. To stream video footage over the internet, video footage has to be heavily compressed. Compressing video, without getting too technical, is basically intelligently throwing away huge amounts of quality data. If the original video quality is low to start with and compression is not done properly it will lead to BAD looking web video. We are experts at compressing good looking video for the web.

Web Video Advertising There are all sorts of ads for "one stop" web video advertising and website design. It sounds good but usually it's not the case. We will help you maximize your return on your web video advertising. As written in the Wall Street Journal, one company, Blendtec utilized small, cleanly produced web videos and ran them on YouTube.com. The "Will it Blend" series of videos shows them using their blender to blend everything from golf balls and iPods to rakes and Chuck Norris. This web video advertising campaign, while minimal in cost, propelled the companies sales from $500,000 to over $3 million dollars annually in just over a year.

At TBC Studios, we are experts at video content production and quality, but we also work with Search Engine Optimization experts to assure your videos will not only add life and content to your pages, working with our network, we will make sure they help to boost search engine results toward your message.

To see an example, do a google search on video studio milwaukee. You will see our site is number 1 and 2 in the results, and our YouTube video is #3! We will work with you and your web video advertising to get the same kinds of results.

According to almost all in the advertising community, web video advertising is the wave of the future. Oh, and by the way, if you are reading this now, you've probably realized that we know who some of the best website optimization experts are - and they will be working with us for you!

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