[ Commercial Video Production ]

- Broadcast -

The conventional use of video production is for broadcast television. If you have decided to produce your own documentary, commercial, or infomercial we welcome you to contact us so we can discuss your needs. Today's consumer is inundated with thousands of video impressions per day, and our goal is to help make sure that yours is the one that they will remember.

- Training Videos -

Many companies have found that it is far more cost effective to produce a training video to orient new employees to their systems and procedures. This is not only an effective way to communicate the concepts required, but it can also lesson liability issues as there is a record of exactly was explained, unlike the conventional training programs. If you examine the costs of individual training on an on going basis, you can easily see how a concise training video could save you time and money. And since we archive all of our work, it is an easy and inexpensive task to update your training as necessary.

- Corporate Message -

Many companies have a message they want to get out to their employees, customers, or potential investors. An effective way to convey the story of your company is with a corporate synopsis. You can view the ScubaToys.wmv Video that was produced to showcase their winning of the Cisco Systems Growing with Technology Award. (note: 10 meg file may take a few minutes to download depending on your internet speed)

- Endless Possibilities -

And with the explosion of video on the Internet, the need to produce video has increased astronomically. From Pod casting, to Virtual Reality Object Modeling, the potential to hold your company above the rest lies in the new technologies. Let's look at some realities, the viewing of video images is one of the most popular activities on the web. YouTube, which started just a few years ago, is one of the top 5 web sites in the world. Your consumers want to use their computers to view video... shouldn't they be watching yours?

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