[ Chroma Key Production]

Perhaps you've heard of chroma key also known as green screen production. By filming a subject in front a a green screen we can cut out the background and put any background seamlessly behind the actor or subject. You've seen chroma key production every night on the news, when the weather man is not really standing in front of a map, by using the chroma key technology, it is being placed behind him. Chroma key is also widely used in movies so actors can appear to be flying, jumping off buildings, etc.

Besides our normal blue and green screen setups, at TBC Studios we can work with our 1000 square foot cornerless green cove with expandable floor. This allows us to capture large staging with scenes and angles unavailable against a conventional screen or cyc wall. Our cove is pre-lit with 6000 watts of diffused lighting for instant setup. It can be fitted with a rotating pedestal with synched rotating key light for pulling frame accurate 360 degree keys.

All Chroma Key work is captured direct from camera at uncompressed 4:2:2 color and keyed using award winning Ultimatte software.
chroma key production

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